Selected investments

Key Group assets include

Opal HealthCare Group(48%)

Opal is one of Australia’s largest operators of residential aged care homes, operating in five states with capacity of over 9,000 beds in 91 homes.

Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd(100%)

Owner and operator of Allium Care Suites, Singapore’s first premium nursing home.

Habitat Assets Pte Ltd(29%)

A closed-end fund investing in Australian retirement living assets.


Sedna is a data-driven communication platform for the global Supply Chain industry, designed to lighten the manual work of managing email, seamlessly connecting an organisation's ecosystem with their communication, and leveraging data and messages to empower teams with vital context and faster ways to manage email. The Group led Sedna’s seed round in 2017. Sedna’s 2022 Series B round was led by Insight Partners. Series A investors included Chalfen Ventures and Stride.


Nuclera is a Cambridge University spinout company which has launched a revolutionary benchtop device for rapid prototyping of proteins. We invested in Nuclera’s $12m Series A round in 2018 and committed further capital in its US$58 million Series B round in 2022 alongside, inter alia, M&G, Amadeus Capital Partners and E-Ink.

Patience Capital Group()

We are a limited partner in Japan Tourism Fund One (JTF), a fund which is substantially focused on the revitalisation of ski areas in the vicinity of Mount Myoko in northern Honshu in Japan. We are also investors in PCG’s Residential Opportunities Fund (ASTRO) which focuses on residential assets in Greater Tokyo.

Corporate Group Structure


Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Healthcare Services Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Healthcare (Singapore) Pte Ltd (100%)Allium Investments Pte Ltd (100%)Cacona Pte Ltd (100%)G. K. Goh Nominees Pte Ltd (100%)G. K. Goh Strategic Holdings Pte Ltd (100%)G. K. Goh Ventures Pte Ltd (formerly known asSaliendra Pte Ltd) (100%)Habitat Assets Pte Ltd (29%)Perilla Pte Ltd (100%)Salacca Pte Ltd (100%)Solanum Investment Pte Ltd (100%)


Allium Holdings Pty Ltd (100%)ACIT Finance Pty Ltd (50%)DAC Finance Pty Ltd (48%)Principal Healthcare Finance Trust (48%)Principal Healthcare Finance Pty Ltd (50%)

British Virgin Islands

Ardisia Limited (100%)Value Monetization III Limited (29%)

Cayman Islands

Bromius Capital Limited (20%)


G. K. Goh Holdings (Philippines), Inc. (100%)